Anza Community Broadcasting

Underwriting Opportunity!!

Help support, create, and broadcast vibrant local programming.

Underwrite with KOYT !
Your underwriting acknowledgements would run from 6 A.M to 10 P.M, 7 days a week! Bonus spots during non-primetime late night and early morning programming are included, free of charge, though frequency and timing are not guaranteed. We also include a link to your website on the KOYT site! The underwriting donation may also be Tax deductible! *Consult your tax advisor.

 Gain exposure for your business or organization!
 Your support helps make our community stronger!
 Other Sponsorship opportunities may be available!
 Other discounts may apply!
 We encourage all underwriters to become members and help KOYT create and improve YOUR community radio station!

*Ask your KOYT underwriting volunteer for more info!

For more information email us:  underwriting@koyt971.org

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