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July 14, 2017

KOYT Koyote Radio is currently OFF AIR on the FM airwaves >> but you can still stream us on computers and mobile devices!   The Koyote Radio volunteers are always working hard to improve and expand KOYT!  Join the pack as a volunteer, a member, or a donor >> help create YOUR community radio station!  […]

Saturday, November 19th @ 12 noon it’s  ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT and the spotlight is on RUSSEL RIGGLE. Russel talks with us about the ancient art of “knapping“. knap verb ARCHITECTURE ARCHAEOLOGY gerund or present participle: knapping shape (a piece of stone, typically flint) by striking it so as to make stone tools or weapons or to give a […]

  The KOYT Koyote Radio Programming Committee wants to hear from you!! Click the following link and complete a quick 10 question survey >>> Help us create radio that you want to hear and be a part of!! AuuuuuOooooooo!![otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”medium” icon_position=”left” shape=”round” color_class=”otw-pink” target=”_blank”]Survey[/otw_shortcode_button]

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December 2, 2015

Welcome to 96.3 FM radio

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