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July 14, 2017

KOYT Koyote Radio is currently OFF AIR on the FM airwaves >> but you can still stream us on computers and mobile devices!   The Koyote Radio volunteers are always working hard to improve and expand KOYT!  Join the pack as a volunteer, a member, or a donor >> help create YOUR community radio station!  […]

Tune in TOMORROW, Friday March 24th,  AT NOON! Rock and Blues lunch hour Live stream from the website  

Make a lunch date with Liese, our DJ Texas Red Next Wednesday the 15th @ NOON! Set your alarm. Mark your calendar. Tune in!! A lunch hour of Classic Rock with Liese! Listen on your FM dial, or stream it live at our website www.963koyt.org  add this event to your calendar

This Friday night @ 9P! An eclectic mix of music about love www.963koyt.org for live streaming.

SATURDAY @ 6PM! “The Artisan Spotlight” With painter Rosalie Grindle! Join us! LIve on 96.3 FM on your radio dial or streaming on our website 963koyt.org DO YOU HAVE AN ARTFORM YOU LOVE!? We’d love to talk with you, and share with our listeners! Email to address: programming@963koyt.org

TUNE IN TONIGHT 6PM. Science Series. Listen to Ray Wiersma talk about Luther Burbank’s work with prunes and plums.

TUNE IN TONIGHT @ 8PM! “Twas the night before Christmas” Read by Merrie Kraatz, & sound editing by J2! #holidays #community #radio #forthebabes#Christmas #koyt #Anza www.963koyt.org

Sunday, November 20th @ 9 a.m. its CAST AWAY. Fish talk with host DAVE DOLAN   Sunday, November 20th @ 4 p.m. its CLASSIC ROCK with DJ STEAMROLLER  

Saturday, November 19th @ 12 noon it’s  ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT and the spotlight is on RUSSEL RIGGLE. Russel talks with us about the ancient art of “knapping“. knap verb ARCHITECTURE ARCHAEOLOGY gerund or present participle: knapping shape (a piece of stone, typically flint) by striking it so as to make stone tools or weapons or to give a […]

Thursday, Nov 17 @ 7 p.m. CLASSIC COUNTRY with DJ Texas Red Noun: classic country (uncountable) country music produced some time ago, typically before the early 1990s. traditional country music.  

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