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TUNE IN TONIGHT @ 8PM! “Twas the night before Christmas” Read by Merrie Kraatz, & sound editing by J2! #holidays #community #radio #forthebabes#Christmas #koyt #Anza

Come celebrate the holidays with a merry good time. Local bands. Holiday cheer. Celebrate the season. Only $10 door charge. Proceeds benefit KOYT 96.3 LPFM, your community radio. 21 and over, bring ID. 7 p.m. to midnight at Anza Community Hall.

Set your alarm for happy hour!. It’s going to be jazz night on Friday 9 p.m. Listen live on the radio dial, or stream from our website DJ is Loli Grado

Sunday, November 20th @ 9 a.m. its CAST AWAY. Fish talk with host DAVE DOLAN   Sunday, November 20th @ 4 p.m. its CLASSIC ROCK with DJ STEAMROLLER  

Saturday, November 19th @ 12 noon it’s  ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT and the spotlight is on RUSSEL RIGGLE. Russel talks with us about the ancient art of “knapping“. knap verb ARCHITECTURE ARCHAEOLOGY gerund or present participle: knapping shape (a piece of stone, typically flint) by striking it so as to make stone tools or weapons or to give a […]

Friday, November 18th @ 9 p.m. it a thankful replay of THE LOVE HOUR Catch the shows created by Koyotes replayed now through Thanksgiving!  

Thursday, Nov 17 @ 7 p.m. CLASSIC COUNTRY with DJ Texas Red Noun: classic country (uncountable) country music produced some time ago, typically before the early 1990s. traditional country music.  

Wednesday Nov 16th @ 7 p.m. Metal Heads with your D.J. Texas Red met·al·head ˈmedlˌhed/ noun informal plural noun: metal-heads  a fan or performer of heavy metal music.    

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November 16, 2016

KOYT 1st annual golf tournament

Golf tournament starts this Thursday at 9 a.m tee time. It only $70 to play, or $65 is you are a KOYT member. You can sign up for membership at the venue. Call Bob Giffin for more information 951-551-3668  


November 15, 2016


  Set your clocks for great programming Sunday Nov 13th @ 4p.m. Classic Rock Sunday Nov 13th @ 9 p.m. Cast Away Monday Nov 14th @ 7p.m. 70’s Music Hour Tuesday Nov 15th @ 7p.m  80’s Hair Bands Wednesday Nov 16th @ 7 p.m. Metal Heads Thursday Nov 17th @ 7 p.m. Classic Country Friday […]

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